Innovation in Human Resources

Our technological solutions for HR cover every step, from training to personnel development and administrative management.

Personnel Management System

Our Personnel Management System offers the following modules that allow information management:

  • Human Resources Module: Digital management and administration of official information and documents.
  • Operational Module: Attendance and personal clarifications linked to the payroll.
  • Administrative Module: Payroll calculation based on the attendance, clarifications, discounts and overtime.

In order to make certain processes easier and more efficient, the system has the following characteristics:

  • System access levels management
  • Activation, deactivation and re-entry of personnel
  • Position creation and base salaries
  • Information management
  • Digital document management
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Clarifications (discounts and add-ons)
  • Report creation and information search
  • Entreprise ID creation

Industremy Online is the online platform that allows you to learn the most relevant topics in the industry without schedules or limits.
Go to and start at:

  • Learn at your own pace, with 24-hour courses without expiration
  • Acquire the knowledge that the industry requires
  • Certify yourself with official recognition and curricular value

"The future of the industry depends on your knowledge, get ready today with Industremy"

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Industremy Talent Management

Industremy Talent Management is the VIRTUAL LEARNING platform aimed at facilitating the TRAINING experience where virtual courses are created that produce trainer - collaborator interactions.

  • Instantaneous: Relevant courses related to the industry that can be accessed instantly and anywhere
  • Flexible: Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Measurable: Metrics that offer valuable information to both the user and the organization
  • Secure: Security certificates and quality server, our system keeps your information safe
  • Responsive: The system can be used on any mobile or computing device


  • Online enrollment with degree system
  • Profile history by position or user
  • Roles for users (administrative, trainers, collaborators)
  • Export user information easily
  • Downloadable real-time metrics
  • Creation of modules by areas to host courses
  • Level and access management
  • Compatibility with any type of multimedia file
  • Creation of surveys and evaluations
  • Automated notifications via email for users
  • Task assignment
  • Option to create courses with and without payment method

Training Simulators

“The innovative and safe way to train your floor operators”
Through our Virtual Reality development, IMPROVESA offers a complete software and hardware solution to bring virtual training to your workplace.
Our custom-built simulators recreate different stages with didactic content to learn and improve the skills needed to drive and operate the desired machinery.

  • Lift truck
  • Trucks
  • Cranes
  • Any type of machinery


  • Realistic, interactive and secure environment
  • Accelerated and efficient learning
  • Scenario simulation
  • Metrics and objective data

Virtual Areas and Personnel Guide

Our development in Augmented Reality is an application that allows you to easily integrate new personnel to the company's facilities, as well as with your actual colleagues
How does it work:

  • The system works with a TAG system that identifies the area, position and descriptions of the workplace
  • Each collaborator has a TAG on their desk
  • The new or already integrated staff can scan the tag using an app on their cell-phone and get the contact details of the person, as well as their opening hours or if they are absent and at what times it is possible locate them
  • You can also scan TAGs that are located in strategic locations of the plant to get more information about it