Software Architecture

IMPROVESA and its IT specialists, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) offer solutions through the design, development and integration of cutting-edge technologies

Web development

In IMPROVESA we provide system development with a high level design to meet the attributes of performance, security and scalability that is required in a current and cutting-edge environment.
We conceive software development based on the following requirements:
  • Business: business processes, budget and cost restrictions, performance factors such as security, reliability and process capacity.
  • User: Interface design, operational capabilities and ease of use
  • System: hardware, networks, capabilities and restrictions of the environment at runtime.

Job skills

Technological work tools

Work methodology

Mobile Development

IMPROVESA gives you the development of native applications for Android and iOS.

Software Testing

IMPROVESA verifies that your web and mobile applications optimally fulfill the function for which they were developed.
  • SOA and Web Services Testing: Helps to reduce integration costs, we perform unit tests at the service level that allows integrity of services. We also provide system tests starting at the user interface to the entire system.
  • Database tests: We carry out tests of persistence, functionality and structural development.
  • Testing of mobile devices: We generate a complete evaluation of functionality, usability and scalability of mobile applications, both native and hybrid.

UI/UX design

In the same way that we work with our Software Architecture, we design or evaluate platforms focused on the interaction between the user and the device.
Our method is to define the ways of operating each interface, the operation flows and the system responses, using the best practices and interface lines for each environment.